Platypus Salon is closing on July 9th.

Yes, Platypus is closing.  July 9th will be the last day of business.  It’s time for a career change.  I’ll be taking proceeds from the sale of the salon space to invest in further production of textiles.    I am referring my clients to my fellow professionals at Peacock Salon.  They’re at Cesar Chavez and Comal.   I trust them with you.

The website will have a full update as soon as I can get to it.  Probably after the 17th of July.  I’ll be using social media for the first time as I market  canvas bags and leather projects.  There will be purses and masks and all sorts of fanciful stuff.  I’ll have many interesting designs to look at, so hook a brother up!  I could use a head start on social media followers.  It will be nice to share with folks like yourself.  That will all be linked on the website in the near future.  It’s the easiest way to find me at the farmers markets on the weekends.

If I don’t see you at the salon before I go, I humbly and sincerely thank you for years of patronage, loyalty, referrals, and great company.  You made the dream of self-employment a reality for me.  I’ll be at farmers markets every weekend.  I’ll be online.  I’ll be looking forward to our next meeting.

May the road rise to meet your feet and the wind be always at your back.

Kelly Don Behrends
Platypus Hair Salon

licensed 11/93
Abilene 12/93
Austin 5/94
Avant 4/95
Hairy Situations 2/00
Platypus by Cafe Mundi 8/00
Platypus on the Drag 8/06
Kemistry 1/09
Platypus Hair Salon 8/10 – 7/14